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Dimitar Hristov
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Terri Cowley
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Dimitar Hristov

Take better Equestrian Images with Dimitar Hristov

Take Better Horsey Pictures: Instantly! It’s show time again, and if you want to capture the best horsey images this season we have some tips from one of the world’s top rated equestrian photographers.

Over the years, Dimitar Hristov’s diverse equine images have graced the finest horse magazines (including an eight-page feature in the UAE’s Equestrio) and been published in a series of impressive coffee table books, yet, he says his favourite breed to photograph will always be the Arabian.


“They’re wilder than most other breeds and just seem to emit this energy and strength… some are even vain and quite clearly pose,” he says.
“For me, the horse is the only living ‘mythical creature,’ and in their purest form, they are the epitome of freedom and strength.”

If you want to capture your horse’s ‘mythical’ side this winter, here’s Dimitar’s top tips: 

Stunning Photography by Dimitar Hristov

1. The most important thing you can do BEFORE you photograph a horse is to watch it first. Take time and observe its behaviour and movement, through this you will get a feel for where the best shot is. 

Horses are like humans, everyone has their own personality! And when I shoot, I try to capture the frame that is most characteristic of my model. It would be absurd if the animal is calm by nature trying to make a dynamic frame and vice versa.

Get acquainted with the animal, let it get used to you and treat you as a friend, not as a short-lived intruder with vague intentions. Make the shooting process a pleasure for both parties.

2. My shots usually take a few hours to capture. Given the temperatures in the UAE, this could be really uncomfortable, so I suggest a sun umbrella; for you, NOT the horse!

3. Another tip for UAE shooting is to work when the sunlight is very strong. Use the edge of a building to create a natural softbox. I personally like to use the edge of stables. Remember, it’s really important to place your model on the boundary between light and shadow!

To see more of Dimitar's pictures visit here:

Number 1 image of Equestrian Horse

Terri Crowley

Digital Artist

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The Digital Artist

She’s an internationally acclaimed equestrian artist, known for her bold vivid commissions, but just how did ‘the horse,’ become Terri Crowley’s ultimate muse? “My fascination with them began pretty young,” she says. “I’ve been involved with them pretty much since I could walk. They were in my neighbor’s backyard as a child and I would go for rides and in the carriage.


I’ve always felt the excitement of being with them and witnessing their beauty,” she says. Her bold style and use of vivid colours, is not what one immediately associates with conventional equestrian art, yet it brings a sense of the mystic to her impressive work. “How could you not fall in love with these animals?” She says. “Everything about them is so magical, and I wanted to bring that out in my paintings. I want to show how majestic and powerful these animals are, and also how kind and forgiving they can be. You can really see this in their eyes. I truly believe their eye is their soul, and if I can’t get the eye perfectly, I will start over.” 

Terri’s style and the mediums she uses have evolved over time. “I first started working in pencil, which I loved. There was no color and I wanted the viewer to imagine what the color would be. Then I went into watercolor and acrylics. Watercolor gave me the opportunity to create that dreamy look, but the acrylics led me more in the direction I am working in now. Bright and bold colour.” “I stumbled across the next medium, painting digitally. It basically means I use a pen and tablet as my brush and canvas. Many people think the computer is doing all the work but that is far from the truth. The computer is just a tool and the paintings are still produced the same way I do my traditional pieces.


"I created a unique style using this tool, allowing me to combine different mediums all at once. When the digital work is done it is then printed on museum-quality canvas using inks which last over 100 years, but I take it one step further. I then paint on top with acrylic paint to create a truly one-of-a-kind original art piece.”  Terri has painted everything from adored children’s ponies through to staggering ‘one-off,’ remembrance pieces for jumpers, dressage and reining horses. She says, “I honestly love painting all horses because each one has its own story to tell.


“Recently I have been involved in doing a series with Friesians and Andalusians, anything with the long flowing mane, forelock and tail. I am loving the windswept, dreamy look and applying my style of bold colors. I love the light, power, and majesty of a horse in motion,” she says. To find out more about Terri’s work and commission pieces please visit: website terricrowleyart.com or follow her on Facebook and Instagram. 

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