The NEWEST infrared heated EMS technology on the market!

Equery is the first unique world-leading Electrical Muscle Stimulation device with infrared heating, specifically developed for horse rehabilitation and training enhancement.

Equery increases the horse's speed and endurance enhances strength and stamina and improves jumping abilities. Training on a regular basis prevents injury, lameness and reduces strain on the joints.

By boosting the blood circulation and metabolism it significantly reduces swollen suspensory ligaments and prevents colic disease.

Not only does it build and recreate deep muscle fibers and connective tissue, but Equery is able to correct and strengthen the weak back, treat kissing spines and muscle atrophy.

Equery programs enhance every session up to 90% compared to any regular training. Most importantly, it shortens the recovery time in reducing energy loss and training on a non-invasive joint-friendly way.


We address rider and horse with the same technology. Since the human-technology exists already more than 15 years, it has a proven incredible results in slimming and firming but more important back problems, pains, posture, fibromyalgia, muscle atrophy and arthritis.


Overview by Michèle Thissen - Managing Director - Equery UAE.

Filmmaker & copywright owned by Simon Bentley 

To give you more insight into our US patented technology, Equery is an electrical muscle stimulation device (unique and new in UAE), which has following benefits for your horse as an all-in-one device:


  • Enhances active workouts by strengthening (weak) muscles 

  • reaches the edronk muscles by active and passive workouts

  • improving strength and condition 

  • improving stamina 

  • improves horse symmetry, posture and balance the complete body   

  • joint friendly 

  • diminishes injuries (works preventively)

  • rehabilitation 

  • easy warm-up and cool down 

  • training required +\- 1,5 hour and this 2 times a week


  • boosts metabolism 

  • infrared heating suit 

  • complete non-invasive body workout

  • soon able to train 10 horses at once


  • portable device not depending on any weather conditions so you can train anywhere, anytime. 

Proven results after just a few sessions: 

  • corrects and strengthens the weak back

  • toning of the body 

  • significantly improves jumping abilities

  • improves the morale of the horse due to pleasant and systematic treatments  


  • enables sustainable, effective and non- invasive treatment of equine colic disease


Our main customers are vets, chiropractors, physiotherapists, horse trainers, equine training facilities, equine clinics and stables who want to be ahead of the competition to train/improve/rehabilitate their own horses at an extraordinary level on a non-invasive way. 

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For more information, you can contact the team direct on + 971 528 142791

Email: info@equery.ae 

Website: www.equery.ae

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