The 6 best horsey adverts of all time

This month saw the release of dreamy and surreal #ofcourseahorse - the new Gucci Spring/Summer ad campaign and it got us all nostalgic for the very best horse ads of yester-year.

#1. Gucci: Of Course a Horse

Whimsical and opulent in equal measure, the immersive 70s theme, set to everyone’s-favourite- “Everybody’s Talkin’” by Harry Nilsson, and takes ‘emotional support’ horses to the next level. See them lounging in livingrooms, sitting in cars and making out on the beach, surely the take home message from this, must be ‘don’t try this at home folks?’

#2. Un Cheval dans la Ville

Another inadvisable ad must surely be the sumptuous ‘equine-parkour’ romp through Paris by French showjumping sensation Simon Delestre and equine friend. Yep, think of iconic equine ads and the 2017 Hermès - Un Cheval dans la Ville, still hits the spot. Although we’re still not entirely sure what the ad is actually advertising, mainly because we’re so distracted by the mouth-watering Hermes tan saddlery and tendon boots combo set against jet black horse- all so deeply gorgeous, we actually just don’t care!

#3. #danceponydance

Moonwalking Shetlands, gobsmacking Scottish landscapes and a little bit of Fleetwood Mac, seriously, what’s not to like? We’ll never know if UK telecom company Three realised just what a hit it had on its hands when they came up with this classic ad from 2013, yet with over 300,000 hits in the first 24 hours, they clearly found out pretty quickly!

#4. Volkswagen Tiguan

We dare you to watch this and not laugh. Why’s it just so funny? Well, because we’ve all been there! Why is trailer reversing success inversely proportional to the number of people watching? We actually can’t answer that, but this one’s for every equestrian who’s ever made a complete $%^& of themselves with a trailer!

#5. The Legend: Ferrari

Umm, is it a movie trailer? Is it an ad? We don’t actually remember this one coming out, but if you like your ads moody, arty and dark, with more than a hint of high-drama, then this 2014 Ferrari ad is just for you. And, let’s be frank, if the Ferrari truly is the embodiment of a black Arabian stallion conjured from the desert winds - we’ll be having one of them!

#6. Lloyds Bank

Since the dawn of time (or maybe it just feels like it?), Lloyds Bank has used the black horse of their logo to gallop through their ads. From beaches and valleys to hospitals and the Normandy landings, they’ve consistently chosen gorgeous black horses to slo-mo majestically through dialogue of mortgages and investment packages. Of course, they’re all great and choosing a favourite is way to tough, so here’s their most recent ad, a glorious gallop through both Lloyds and indeed the horses’ contribution to British society - enjoy!