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Lameness is the most common cause of loss of use in horses. It can be caused by trauma, congenital or acquired disorders, infection, metabolic disorders, or nervous and circulatory system disease. Lameness is not a disease per se but a clinical indication of poor muscle activation or inflammation. What we noticed here in the UAE is that a lot of horses do not get trained outside the season. This is understandable due to the intense season, weather conditions etc. yet by not training your horses muscles for several months, they can get easily lame during the season, lose muscle mass (muscle atrophy) or suffer from other injuries more easily than when they would continuously train the muscles. With Equery you can train inside their stables or in any area since it’s portable. We have 6 different programs, in which 2 passive programs, which we would advise to use off season as well. This because you still activate the deep muscle fibre (so you prevent muscle atrophy and lameness). You boost metabolism and blood circulation which again prevents inflammation. Since we are targeting the muscles directly, you can still passively train on a non-invasive and joint friendly way. Moreover build on a sustainable way towards the season. Which will definitely result in a much healthier horse with less injuries or swollen suspensory ligaments. These sessions can be done once or twice a week from 30 minutes up to 60 minutes.