While others find inspiration globally, Sharjah’s rich heritage and natural wealth brings the focus a little closer to home. Stepping firmly onto the global stage, the city has unashamedly embraced its origins, reinvigorated its legacy and curated a hub of global significance for the region’s art and culture.

Sharjah has single handedly rewritten the rule book on what makes a modern and iconic Arabian city- and its one which holds authenticity, vitality and soul at its very core.



Created and Directed by Mike Beech, Sound by Adam Layland, Music by Max LL, Produced by Mohamed Parham Al Awadhi for Qissa.social

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Discover Al Bait – where Arabian heritage, contemporary design and luxury- become one. After years of painstaking restoration, three historic manor houses set in the heart of Sharjah have re-emerged as possibly the most jaw-dropping example of contemporary Arabic architecture and hospitality in the region.


Dine at the Emirati inspired ‘The Restaurant,’ and discover local dishes re-imagined by top international chefs, get inspired in the vast library stocked with hundreds of antiquarian and contemporary books, and when evening falls, relax in the sumptuous and expertly curated cigar lounge.

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This fresh Sharjah inspired street wear label takes on and represents the city’s multicultural youth and its many iconic micro-cultures, turning everything from Dokha to gaming and Nissan Patrols into infinitely wearable streetwear. See @wear.culture on Instagram.

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Discover Fen Cafe, a restaurant where art and cuisine combine – and one of Sharjah’s best kept secrets. Fans have dubbed it worthy of three-Michelin stars, and given the restaurant’s Sharjah Art Foundation location, dreamy modern interiors and impressive Asian fusion menu with dishes such as gravlax made in-house and zaru soba dressed with chukka wakame and black sesame, it's only a matter of time before Fen earns significant recognition.


Grab a coffee at Hoof, the city’s beautifully thoughtful ‘homage’ to the horse. Owned by some of the emirate’s top show-jumpers, Hoof’s clean, modern take on an equestrian theme sees bridles, saddles and loose-box fittings re-imagined- fit for a show-jumper. Enjoy a taste of the region, with the signature hibiscus rosehip tea or pistachio milkshake or an artisan coffee, all served by waiters clad in aprons of the butteriest tan saddle leather imaginable!

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Experience a taste of ancient Arabia from the back of the region’s iconic horse. Take a local guide and explore the UAE’s oldest archaeological site the mysterious and ancient Jebel Faya mountain, where artefacts have been found dating back over one million years. Equestrian experience is not a must on this guided tour, as the centre has horses to suit riders of all levels. And, as the sun goes down, make for the centre’s luxurious desert gazebo for refreshments and a tour of the stables.

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Take a walk through Sharjah's incredible 'old town,' restored and re-imagined as a extensive art district, where coral homes now house the best in contemporary art, and impressive new architectural installations are home to everything from sculpture, film, master-works and of course, who could forget - The Rain Room.

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Travel in style with Sharjah’s only dedicated private charter jet operator- Gama Aviation. With 230 aircraft, based in the UAE and across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the rest of the Middle East, Gama Aviation provides a bespoke, VIP service for those travelling to Sharjah and the rest of the UAE in a private capacity.


With convenience and service a top priority, Gama's VIP terminal facility is geared towards a seamless service. Gama operates stunning passenger and crew lounges, with dedicated customs/immigration services, along with line maintenance and hangar/parking solutions at prices below the regional market rate.

Setting Gama’s facility apart from other regional hubs is the arranging of airside access for passenger vehicles on both arrivals and departures. This true door-to-door service is a key time saving solution and privacy protection for VIP visitors and residents to Sharjah and the other Emirates.


Gama will be opening a brand-new, purpose-built Business Aviation Centre (BAC) in 2020, further enhancing their service offering. It will provide new VIP lounges, passengers and crew facilities, apron space, hangars and offices, on a private area of the airfield, designed to further streamline and enhance the travelling experience.